The Immaculate System Just Doesn't Exist!

The extreme sensitivity of our system has been proven in numerous cases. There have been several efforts recently, to overcome the different sources of errors occuring at various types of audio systems. At times, it was only a matter of replacing a cable, considerably upgrading the quality of sound, at others, the installment of a new filter or a power supply cable (the application of a range of special interceptors can also be a smart solution). You can as well, improve the switch-scheme, resulting in an perceivably better sound.

However, why not skip the problematic field of power supply entirely, by applying a revolutionarily new technical approach? This approach has served as the basic idea for Human Audio, to invent its electronic devices, as a result of a joint-venture teamwork of internationally renowned experts, harmonizing their individual experiences and findings.

After a long period of designing, an audio system was born, which is unaffected by the usual errors of sound in the multiplied overtones of the original tone, which is, clearly audible for a sophisticated perception. Hence, through this techonology, we are able to offer a sound quality, way beyond that of an accustomed CD technology. At Libretto, digital and analogue circuits are housed separately, of a direcly 12 V voltage, making the use of any converter unnecessary. The charging and surveillance of the batteries is entirely automated. The Philips PRO2 Industrial mechanics was attached directly and solidly to Libra, without the use of any springs, rubber parts or suspension - the whole amount of seismic vibrations is subdued by the steel balls in the device. The wooden case also serves as an expanded support, followed by a hybrid DAC, containing an extremely sophisticated analogue circuit, of which LED's has been carefully selected by Ernő Borbély, an internationally acclaimed, in Germany-based Hungarian developer engineer.

At its output, the transmission from an American Jensen transformer, the range of transmission achieves an extarordinary value of 0.05 Hz - 10 Mhz, while their drives does not indicate any negative feedback.

The analogue outputs of the device are professionally standardized XLR or RCA terminals. The digital outputs are optionally configurable for a coaxial S/PDIF or a symmetrical AES/EBU connection.

Human Audio

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