A newly invented device called “Libra Vibration Damper Pillow”.

This revolutionary invention based on a still ball, sandwiched between two state of the art glass plates. There are many vibration damping solutions on the market today but none of them uses glass. Now, we are all aware that glass is not the best vibration damping material, but that is true only for the “thickness” (Z) and NOT for the “length” (X/Y). Therefore glass is a very special material and it’s representing a directional vibration sensitivity and conductivity as well.

To be able to handle greater weight or ball pressure, the plate was made out of specially tempered glass and manufactured by Zeiss’s supplier. The final material and size of the steel ball was chosen after many laboratory measurements and experiments because it is representing significant differences in the performance of the final damping effect.

More technical details at http://www.audio-libra.com

Now, it is time to talk in a less boring, NON technical way and I am going to explain some experiments I have done to test the system. First, I wanted to hear from my new studio recording a piece of Mozart’s Magic Flute opening session.

I’ve had used a 14kg SONY CDP-XA50ES CD player for my reference. When the same piece of music was played with LIBRA installed under my CD-player the dynamics of the sound became more free, more detailed and colorful. I was just amazed by the difference how LIBRA brought the music to a new dimension. Without the LIBRA the vocal was more hidden in the background and not as obvious and clear.

Wow! What a difference it made!

After that experiment I was so excited and I wanted to hear other performers in different pieces. Interestingly my SONY player always had difficulties to represent a good bass response but with the LIBRA it sounded just the way that I could not ask for more.

The Italian opera and music recordings are one of the most highly respected in the music world and I’m telling you that having the LIBRA installed under my SONY player was giving something I can’t even describe.

I tried not only classic but Rock music as well, and the result you simply have to hear!

The LIBRA is not just working.

It’s a miracle!

Steve Martók

DigitalPro studio

Audio Libra Demo Video